Ben does not appear and are not credit Starring

  • Alice
  • Chris
  • David
  • Erica
  • Jim
  • Justin
  • Monica
  • Micheal
  • Ned
  • Nick
  • Sam

Guest Starring:

  • Emma
  • Claire
  • Harper
  • Aaron
  • Desmond
  • Zach

David was working with Emma.

David:Where rescue team.

Emma:You know that they don't found you.

David:But I still have hope.

Emma:Yes you have hope but Monica , Michael , Ned and Chris don't have hope.


David and her girlfriend Claire was Claire house

David:Claire why did you call my.

Claire:I need say.


Claire:I meet this guy his name are Justin.

David nobs.

David:So it's all over.


That David look in baby next to Claire.

David:Goodbey Aaron.

Justin , Harper and Nick was walking.

Justin:So Nick why did you was on this plane.

Nick:I find new job . Why did you want on this plane.

Justin:My girlfriend Claire find job in Los Angeles and she with her son Aaron and daughter Katherine moved there.

Harper:Why are here.

That Nick stop.

Nick:Who is this place.

Harper:This is temple this is safe place really safe.

But soon they girl gun noice.

Harper:Who there.

And that Desmond and his team appear.

Desmond:Hello Nick.


That Desmond look in Harper.

Desmond:Nice meet you again.

Harper:You to cousin.

Jim and Zach was together.

Jim:So you hide bomb and how long we need way that bomb explor in beach.

Zach:I don't know but maybe 2 hours after I push button there just left tw hours and all beach die.

But that appear Micheal with gun.

Micheal:You don't kill them.

But that Zach show his gun and shoot in Micheal and he fall . That David , Emma , Monica appear.

Emma:Zach what happen.

Zach:Don't move or I just all of you.

David:O my god.

Jim:Zach calm down.

Zach:No . You kill everyone you kill Cindy I want left this island.

But that sombody shoot Zach and he fall to death.


That Emma ran next to Zach.

Emma:Zach , Zach.

And that Emma look in man who shoot Zach and he are David.

Emma:Where you find gun.

David:Will I say I have hope this is my hope.

And Emma crie next to Zach and David still hold gun . But that David show gun in Jim.

David:So we distroy bomb.

Jim nobs.

David:That good.

And David smile.

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