• Alice
  • Ben
  • Chris
  • David
  • Erica
  • Jim
  • Justin
  • Monica
  • Micheal
  • Ned
  • Nick
  • Sam

Guest Starring:

  • Alex
  • Caroline
  • Harper

Sam , Alice , Ben Dover , Caroline , Alex and Erica was speaning.

Erica:So how you long live in jungle.

Ben:About 5 years.

Erica:Did you are one of others.


Erica:So how you come on the island.

Ben:There was boat crash in rock and there was 2 people who also survived:Ashley and Rick but Ashley die and Rick joined in other team.

Alice:Why did you don't join in others.

Ben:Because I don't trust team.

In jugle Harper , Justin and Nick was waling.

Harper:So what you thing.

Justin:About what.

Harper:About that this is second plane crash on this island.

Nick look strange.

Nick:What you mean.

Harper:Oceanic Flight 815.

Nick look strange.

Nick:Wait their plane was crashed here.

Harper nobs.


In other camp Ned was speaking wiht Monica and Micheal.

Micheal:So Jim was kill us.


Monica:So what why do.

Ned:I don't know.

Micheal:I go back in camp and warn everyone about that.

Monica:But how about Erica , Alice , Sam.

Micheal:I don't know but now why are team and why need find Chris.

Monica:Yes and tell him everything.

In jungle Chris was alone.

Chris:They are stupid . Jim kill everyone and he don good job and I will by one survivors.

And that Chris smiled evil smile.

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