Ben does not appear in this episode and are not credit Starring

  • Alice
  • Chris
  • David
  • Erica
  • Jim
  • Justin
  • Monica
  • Micheal
  • Ned
  • Nick
  • Sam

Guest Starring:

  • Zach
  • Harper

Justin and Nick was walking in jungle.

Justin:So boat was sailor somwhere in north.

Nic:Yes . But how why see boat.

And that there was monster sound and monster appear.

Justin:O my god.

And monster turn in Harper.


Justin:Who you are.

Harper:Let say I am here to say you from others.

Justin:From Desmond.

Harper smile.

Harper:No from Jim.

Nick:Who are Jim.

Harper:One of people who live on this island.

Nick:Did that mena that there is more other people.

Harper nobs.

In other camp

Chris was looking in Jim who was with Zach.

Chris:So he kill all of them.

And that Ned appear.

Ned:About what you speaking.

Chris:About nothing.

That Ned look strange in Jim.

Back in jungle Harper was speaking with Justin and Nick.

Justin:So you was turn by monster 25 years ago.


Justin:What happen.

Harper:There was team people who came on this island with bad mission.

Nick:Who was those people.

Harper:Charles Widmore , Zoe Smith and Seamus Douglas.

Justin:Wait you say Seamus.


Justin:He was my father.

That Harper and Nick look surprised.

Back in other camp Jim was speaking with Zach.

Zach:So tomorrow everyone die.

Jim:Nobs . Micheal , Monica , Ned and others die.

In bushes Ned was listening everything.


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