Starring New main character ,,Ben Dover,, as credit as main for this episode.

  • Alice
  • Ben
  • Chris
  • David
  • Erica
  • Jim
  • Justin
  • Monica
  • Micheal
  • Ned
  • Nick
  • Sam

Guest Starring:

  • Alex
  • Caroline
  • Libby
  • Sam mother
  • Sam dad
  • Desmond
  • Joe
  • Peter
  • Zach

Alice , Erica , Sam , Alex and Caroline was in jungle.

Alex:So you see people who die on this island.


Alex:How many death you see.

Alice:About 20 death.

Sam look strange.

Sam:What as people name who die on this island.

Alice:Why did you care.

Sam:Just say.

Alice:Charlie , Hugo , Ilana , Bram , Libby.

Sam look strange.

Sam:Elizabeth Smith.

Alice nobs.

Alice:Did You know her.

Sam:Yes she was my younger sister.


Sam and his family was mental institute.

Sam mother:So why need visit Libby.

Sam was only 3 years old . He look strange and that nice woman appear.

Libby:David he kill my . He kill my.

Sam mother:Libby everythig is ok . David die remember that.

That Libby look in Sam.

Libby:Hello Sam.

But Sam look scared.

Libby:I am you sister . Sam.

Sam father:Libby now we are going back home we visit you next week.

Libby nobs.

Libby:But David split are in this institute.

It was new day Sam wake up and see that Alice , Alex , Caroline and Erica was still sleeping . And that Sam look in woods and see man standing there.

Sam:Who are you.

Man:Ben Dover and I am here to search for you.

Sam look strange in Ben.

Back in beach camp Justin and Nick was looking in oceanic.

Justin:So what you think who are on the boat.

Nick:I don't know.

That Nick smile went boat come closer.

Nick:I know who are on the boat is my step-father Desmond Hume.

Inside boat Desmond and two other mans Joe and Peter was talking.

Joe:Why did we going to the island.

Desmond:Because Jim kidnapped my wife Penny.

In other camp Zach and Jim was together.

Zach:Boath coming here.

Jim:So finally Desmond coming here . Good my plans work now why just need good moment kill all survivors .

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