Jim and Ned are recurring characters who become main characters in this episode. And also to new main characters Justin and Nick was listend in this episode .


  • Alice
  • Chris
  • David
  • Erica
  • Jim
  • Justin
  • Monica
  • Micheal
  • Ned
  • Nick
  • Sam

Guest Starring:

  • Zach
  • Alex
  • Caroline
  • Emma
  • Carl
  • Rick

Jim and Zach was watching as Chris , David , Emma and Ned was working with Carl and other guy Rick.

Emma:How many woods Harry say to find.

Carl:I don't know he don't say how many.

David look in them.

David:Who are Harry.

Emma:Just one of those Jim team people.

Chris nobs.


In jungle Erica , Alex and Sam was speaking . Caroline was siting next to Alice.

Erica:So the monster is my mother.

Alex:Why know that.

Erica:But why did she become monster.

Alice soon wake up.

Alice:Why all die.

Caroline look in her.

Carolina:What about you speaking.

Alice:I saw deaths on this island in my dream.

Erica look strange in her.

Erica:What you saw.

Alice:Girl named Shannon who was shot by other woman named Ana-Lucia . That I saw bomb and my step-sister Ilana death .

Erica:You step sister was on this island.


Sam look really strange.

Sam:Did why going in other camp.

Alice:My mom say that they kill us.

Back in other camp Jim was going in his house . Chris was looking in him.



Chris:I want who are the monster on this island.

Jim:Well she take form of Cindy Chandler but actually she are Harper Stanhope.

Chris look strange in her.

Chris:Did Harper are dead.

Jim smile.

Jim:No . But you all soon by . Because I plan kill Alice , Micheal , Monica and others survivors but not you.

Chris look strange in my.

Chris:Why not my.

Jim:Because you have mision on this island.

In beach camp two guys Justin and Nick was talking.

Justin:So where are others . The was mising for long time.

Nick:I don't care where others because possible they are death.

That Justin look strange in oceanic.

Nick:What you see.


That Nick look in Oceanic and see boat to.

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