Okay now I start write new fan fiction . I finish write first season and start write second . In first season there was 10 episodes but in second there will by 5 more . Also there will by 7 more seasons . In first season there was 8 orginal main character(Alice , Sam , Chris , David , Monica , Erica , Veronica , Micheal) but after 5 episode of first season Veronica was moved of main character list . And during second season former recurring characters Alex and Ned become main also three new main characters was appear some point in story those characters are(Justin , Nick and Ben) . But Ben only appear in 7 episodes in this season and with small storyline.

So I ask you what you want see in my storie like former lost character.

Now only:




Charlie Hume


Libby only appear.

Or you what more mystery in this story or you want somthing else.(like explain how Harper become monster , Did Nick really are Desmond step-son or he just lie Justin about that)

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