How you change Season 6

If you don't like this blog don't read it.

It's just few thing if I you by writer how you change Season 6.

I change that Juliet don't die in Season 6.

Bram become main character.

Eloise,Widmore and Penny appearance on the island.

Sayid,Sun and Jin don't die.

Only Bram,Ilana and The Man in Black die in Season 6.

All characters expect Richard,Desmond and Penny left island.

Season 6 don't have flashsideways but have flashback.(flashback show about Frank,Ilana,Bram,Richard,Eloise,Widmore,Miles,Desmond,Jacob,The Man in Black and Penny lifes) (Claire only characters who have biggest flashback in episode like Desmond in Season 3,Michael in Season 4,Jack and Locke in Season 5) Jack,Kate,Juliet,Sawyer,Jin don't have flashback but flashforward. Sun,Sayid have shared central episodes.

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