so....i have a theory. locke takes the allias jeremy bentham when he returns to the u.s. as a corpse. jeremy bentmam was a 18th and 19th century philospher. he also came up with the idea for the panopticon prison system. many of his thories on prison systems,and panoptic survalence coinside with many themes from lost. and here is a real kicker. upon his death jeremy bentham requested that his body be preserved and put on display. in the preservation process his head was damaged so they made one out of wax. perhaps lockes body isnt real. just made to cause the group to get together and go to the island. maybe thats why the butcher had to put it in the freezer, but i supose a corpse would need to be refirgerated aswell. either way lockes not dead. look up panopticons or jeremy bentham, good stuff.

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