This blog is based on assumptions. Let's assume that Richard is undead (which is what a few people have been theorizing). Let's also assume that Locke and Christian are also undead.

I was thinking, to what extent are they undead? Are they in some ways dead? In some ways alive? Do they still need certain things to live? such as Food, Water, etc

Where can they be undead? are they permanently undead? I was thinking after I read a theory that Richard is undead (or whatever you call it, he is what Locke and Christian are, dead..but not really dead..or dead, but alive on the island) which would explain why he hasn't aged in so long. If Richard WAS undead, how could he still live off the island and be able to communicate with the living? I understand him being able to do this ON the island because of it's special properties (I'm not saying that Richard IS undead, remember I'm assuming and question it).

I just remembered, when Michael wanted to kill himself, the island wouldn't let him even if he was no longer on it, which suggests that the islands' powers are not restricted to just the island itself. I guess this is how the writers could explain why Richard could leave the island as an undead and communicate with people living off the island, because the islands powers let him. What do you all think?

As for Locke, I think they left a clue in "The life and death of J Bentham", or maybe I'm reading too much into it, and assuming too much. Lets assume undead or living dead or whatever you want to call them dont need the essentials to survive, as they probably cannot die again as they already have. So I was under the impression the undead didn't need to eat or drink. In this episode we see Locke eating a mango, which got me thinking, if he were undead why would he eat?? Also I read somewhere from other fictional stories about undead and other stuff like that, that undead couldn't taste food, and Locke seems to enjoy the mango. Although the writers could easily say in their world that undead can eat AND taste food even though it's not necessary. What do you think?

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