She said she made it so they can't hurt each other..but yet Jacob hurt MiB..?

I really want to know what the rules are and what happens if they are broken.

Another thing bugging me..why is it that MiB see's the boy Jacob and not the man (not from this episode) it because he knew him better as a boy, and didn't spend as much time with him as a man?

The mother never ages..I don't like the fact that MiB looks older than Jacob even though they are the same age..unless it can be explained that MiB spent a much harder and stressful 30 years (i.e making wells..digging etc) while Jacob had a carefree life (from what we know)..maybe the stress gave MiB more grey hairs than Jacob..haha

I saw some people saying the smoke monster has it's own motives and it's just using MiB's body..I don't think so, MiB wanted to leave the island and "go home". And now, he's the smoke monster..but the smoke monster still wants to leave the island and "go home" aswell. So I'm thinking the smoke monster has taken MiB's soul, the smoke monster or the source of the island has somehow only taken the evil from the MiB and left out the goodness. Which turned him into smokie?

How did the village massacre occur? I don't think the mother could have done that by hand..she must have powers we don't know of. Maybe she was smoky before MiB?

I really liked this episode, and was sad to see it end because I wanted more answers. I'm really hoping they have more flashbacks to show how Jacob learnt what he had to do and all that. Because his mother didn't really tell him much. And with everyone on the island dead..I really want to know what happened to make him so confident in his plans and knowing exactly what he had to do. I also want to see how he reacted to seeing his brother again in the form of smoky. And how does he know what smokies plans are?

So little time, and yet so many questions..

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