I've been thinking about this for a long time, ever since season 4 if I remember correctly. I've always asked myself, to what extent does the island have power over everything and everyone?. We saw in one episode that the islands power prevented Michael from killing himself. I want to know, how does the islands power extend out into the real world? Or does Jacob have something to do with that?

It makes no sense to me that the islands power can go to that extent. I can understand it somehow changing someones destiny so it leads them to the island, but how can it prevent someone from ending their "destiny" by killing themselves? Do you think this will be explained? Or am I just thinking into it too much?

We know about some powers of the MiB, we assume he (or his smoke/other forms) can't leave the island. Then why is it that Christian (who we may assume was actually the MiB) was able to come to Michael on the freighter to tell him he's free to go (wouldn't this constitute "leaving" the island and travelling through the water)? Was this an error by the writers? Or perhaps Christian in that instance wasn't the MiB? What if Jacob can take the form of others? I know it's a long shot but this may at least tie up the error which I'm seeing right now.

As for Jacob, I still want to know how he left the island (to "touch" the candidates). I've always thought there was another way to leave the island (other than donkey wheel, sub, or boat). I think Jacob knew about this way, and perhaps Widmore knew about this aswell, one of my older posts discussed this. Ben accused Widmore of leaving the island on a "regular" basis, we may assume Widmore left without the others knowledge and kept it a secret, so taking the sub would be out of the question. Unless this is another error, it can be safe to say there is another (easier and hassle free) way to get off the island that Widmore and Jacob both used. Jacob also said that as long as he was alive MiB would be kept on the island, what I don't get is, MiB spent all this time trying to get rid of Jacob, but where was MiB when Jacob temporarily left the island to see all the candidates? Wouldn't this have been MiB's opportunity to get off the island without Jacob stopping him? Or perhaps something happened that required MiB to wait for Lockes body so he could assume a physical form once more? We know there was a man in the cabin that was more of a spirit than a physical form, was this the MiB? Uh I have a headache thinking about all this, what does everyone think?

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