I just want to know what people think. With Ajira 318

Do people reckon they got home safely? It landed? crashed? what?

What would happen once the plane had landed and nearly all the passengers were missing from it? how would society react? especially with 2 people on the plane who were presumed dead for 3 years (Claire and Sawyer). And Richard and Miles, they weren't even ON the plane to begin with. I would've loved to see what happened when they landed. Perhaps they told everyone the truth about the island? Or landed somewhere secret and had some of the survivors get off the plane before anyone noticed? Thoughts?

Also now that Hurley was the leader, what do you think he did? He can see dead people (maybe even from thousands of years ago) so I suppose they instructed him? I would love to have seen something like Hurley being haunted by the ghost of MiB (in Lockes form) on the island.

I always wanted to know how Jacob knew what he was doing from the beginning if his mother didn't really give him any information, and I have a theory. I think Jacob could see into the future, just like Desmond saw Charlies death, I think MiB was gifted in that he could see dead people, and I think Jacob could see into the future or his consciousness could go into the future just like Desmond. I think Jacob never did leave the island, that would have way too many loopholes open, rather I think his consciousness left the island to touch all the candidates. So Jacob never really left the island.

The reason why those specific candidates were chosen was because Jacob saw into the future to a time when they were chosen. So he picked them because they were always chosen. Just like Richards compass doesn't really have any origin.

What does everyone think?

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