I really enjoyed the final episode of the season, great stuff. Firstly, Sayid got shot and it didn't look like he'd survive from his injuries. I was wondering, we don't know if he's dead for sure, I mean the Losties came in the van and started shooting the dharma initiative but I don't think I saw Sayid. So is he dead? If he is then why would they make his death so subtle? Every other main character has had a very straightforward in your face type of death, it just seems weird if Sayid, who is one of the main cast, to die like that. And if he's not dead then: do you think he'll live through his injuries? I mean he was shot around the stomach area and if the bullet penetrated his stomach, without medical help and proper surgery I'm thinking he'd die, unless the island helps him. I just found it odd, if he were to eventually die why not go out with a bang in the finale, instead save it for season 6? I think maybe Sayid has more purpose on the island. What do you think?

Another thing., If Rose and Bernard are Adam and Eve that would contradict Jacks speculation in an earlier episode when he said that the corpse of Adame and Eve looked to be decayed for around 50 years. Unless his guess was wrong, I'm thinking they're not adam and eve or it's just a writers error. Another thing I saw, do you think the cabin in which Rose and Bernard are living in looks similar to Jacobs (or should I say fake Jacobs) cabin?? And why haven't the others or the Dharma Initiative noticed Rose and Bernard living there (or do you think that maybe the others have notice them living there??)

Anyways tell me what you think about this...

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