Well I haven't posted in a while but thought I'd get back into the habit of doing so.

I'll post some thoughts on Jacob, there have been some thoughts/ideas from around season 4 up until season 6 "Ab Aeterno"


When we first saw the 'real' Jacob in "The Incident" (and his flashbacks which followed in that episode) I felt like he was some sort of spirit. Perhaps something of an angel. I'm not saying he IS. I'm saying he has the ability to work miracles. Ever since that episode I also thought of Jacob as a pure and completely good/calm entity on and off the island. He always seemed in control aswell. This idea of an "invincible" and "in control" Jacob was nearly extinguished by the end of the same episode that he was introduced in. This was because of the events that occurred in the finale. Another thing I noticed is, in Ab Aeterno we saw a completely different Jacob, not the calm, collected, and peaceful one we'd seen. When Jacob saw Richard tried to kill him, we saw an angry side. I'm starting to believe he IS just human (a gifted one at that). And it's not really Jacob who is working miracles of the sort; rather, the island is working the miracles and Jacob serves as an object for the islands power to go through. Yes, he does serve the purpose of keeping the MiB on the island, BUT I think the only reason he can work miracles (such as endless age for Richard) is because the islands power goes through him onto others.

Another thing I noticed and have been thinking about ever since I saw it. Was the scene in Room 23(?). We saw the "God loves you as he loved Jacob" sign. I still think about this, "God LOVES you as He LOVED Jacob. I still think, what is up with the past tense? If it serves as a metaphor, can we conclude that Jacob is/was cursed? or perhaps the reason why he was charged to stay on the island and keep the MiB on it was because he wronged a higher power?

Maybe I am just thinking too much into this.

I can't wait for the next episode, and I REALLY can't wait for the finale. What does everyone think?

I am also intrigued about the MiB too but I may write my thoughts on him later on.

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