Ok this is a fairly long post, so bear with me..

Jacob said he brings/chooses who comes to the island. MiB think everyone is corruptible or bad etc etc. Jacob brings people to prove him wrong. This is some of the things we know right now.

I'm really confused about some things. The first thing people may not remember but I do, it was in season 1 or 2 if I remember correctly. Henry Gale..he was brought to the island in his hot air balloon right? So Jacob must have brought him there..and from what we've seen, usually if Jacob brings someone to the island it's to serve a purpose. But what happened to Henry Gale..? He was killed by the others (or so we assume??). I'm starting to think he was probably killed by the smoke monster. BUT if he WAS killed by the others, and the others work for Jacob, wouldn't that mean the others are not following Jacobs orders. For some reason they are killing someone who was brought to the island.

This means MiB was right doesn't it?? If we can assume the others did that, then they are working against Jacobs plan without even knowing it..And it isn't the first time an other has killed/tried to kill someone who was special to Jacobs plan. So if the example of Henry Gale is true it means the MiB was right in saying the the people brought to the island all corrupt and kill.

IF Henry Gale was killed by the smoke monster that would probably be the best way to fix up this error. The smoke monster killing H. Gale would seem plausible, but then how would Ben know about where Henry Gale was buried??

I know this is waay over dated as this occurred in season 1 and I doubt the writers would even try to tie this up. But onto my next thought....

If Jacob brings people to the island, then did he let the freighter team onto the island? or is there a way to sidestep Jacob and still get to the island (I.e through Eloise Hawking??).. I doubt Jacob would've wanted the freighter team to come to the island and try to kill the candidates. It just doesn't seem plausible, I'm starting to think there are two ways to get onto the island, apart from Jacob guiding them to it:

1. Eloise Hawking has information on when the next "window" would open, AND/OR 2. MiB has the power to bring people onto the island, just like Jacob. Jacob could bring "good" people..and MiB could bring "bad" people, both of them do this to prove each other wrong.

Although option 1 would be so much easier to explain, (Widmore KNOWS Eloise, he would find a way back through her...). I still think option 2 could really be possible. Obviously MiB can't leave the island, but maybe he can still use his own ways to get people here and help him.

The freighter team coming to the island suggests it was MiB's work BECAUSE..

If the freighter team didn't come to the island and put the others and the losties in danger, Locke wouldn't have needed to find guidance on how to save the island. If Locke didn't look for "Jacob" to help him and give him information, he would never have told Ben they needed to move the island. If Ben didn't move the island, the time flashes wouldn't have occurred (and he wouldn't have left the island, to eventually kill Locke). If the time flashes didn't happen, Lock would not have been convinced he had to die. Also Lock wouldn't have left the island...and eventually be murdered by Ben. His body would never have came to the island to be taken by the MiB. And MiB would never have been able to convince Ben to kill Jacob.

Is this all a series of events premeditated by the MiB..or Jacob? Or both of them? Like a game of chess?? Or is it a coincidence.

Either way I think MiB was at least partially right in thinking that everybody is corruptable.

What does everyone think?

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