This theory will have something to do with time travel.

As we saw, the source could be the main reason the losties traveled through time. I will get straight to the point...

Why weren't we given the names of MiB and Mother? Unless their names really were Adam and Eve, I think there is another reason for it..

I think the MiB is Aaron. Not Claires Aaron. No. I just think his name is Aaron because of the connection the mother felt for that name..

Wait, what? Why would the mother have a connection to the name Aaron?

Well here is my wacky theory - did anyone else think the mother had a slight resemblance to Kate?

I think the mother is actually Kate, who somehow travels back in time in the coming episode(s).

I think Flocke knows this, I always wondered what was up with the look he gave her when she came out of the temple. And I think this is it. Wouldn't it be ironic that Flock was talking about his crazy mother to Kate, who actually is Kate in future?

Kate helped deliver Claires Aaron, and now she helps deliver Claudia's baby...except the difference is that now instead of taking the baby because she had to, she takes Claudia's baby with force.

People kept theorizing that Adam and Eve were Jack and Kate. Well maybe they weren't completely wrong, perhaps that really is Kate.

So how would Kate get to that point in time? Well we've already seen the island can travel people through time. I'm thinking this could possibly come back into play in the next few episodes. Maybe the source doesn't just turn the person into smokie. What if something different happens ever time someone goes into the source?

Kate travelling back in time thousands of years would have a good idea that going into the source is a fate worse than death.

This could fit in nicely with why the names of the mother and MiB weren't given (unless they really were called Adam and Eve and just weren't called that to leave mystery).

I also think the source could be a way to stop smokie. Ending it the same way it began. Maybe something will happen where Smokie falls back into the source and trapping itself?

What does everyone think? Please no inflammatory comments.

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