So I was reading another blog post about how Locke became leader for a short time and in that time had a short conversation with Richard before the flashes and it got me thinking. Lock needs to find a way to leave the island to save everyone on it, so he looks for Richard (in 1954) and asks Richard how to leave the island, Richard doesn't tell him. Lock eventually goes to the orchid with the other survivors and after some events eventually moves the donkey wheel and leaves the island (hence stopping the time flashes). I think that there MUST be another way to leave the island (besides from turning the wheel, the sub, plane, or boat) or else Locke wouldn't have bothered going to ask Richard how to leave, he would have gone to turn the wheel straight away. I think Richard told Lock that the others could leave the island as they pleased but couldn't get to tell him how because of the first time flash. So now I'm thinking HOW can they leave? I don't think the mystique of the island should be spoiled by revealing the others had another sub or boat. I think it has something to do with the temple. I think when others are recruited, they come to the island with the sub, but others who are higher up in the hierarchy such as Richard, and Tom can leave through the temple. How through the temple? Well to answer that, ask yourselves this, how does the island have powers outside it's own area, how can the islands powers be effective when Michael tried to kill himself? How can the island control someones actions (or should I say destiny) even when they have left the island? I think the island is everywhere, the others can leave the island as they please because technically the island isn't staying in one place. Think of there being a threshold, when the walk through one end they come out in the other and they are in the real world. They might have some point in the real world which connects them to the island. What if the reason why nobody can see Jacob is because he isn't on the island, what if he's in the "real world", or maybe stuck in the threshold between the island and the real world, so he's neither here nor there? What if there's somewhere in the temple a physical doorway which the others can simply open and walk through to get to the real world? Could the cabin be this threshold? Could there be some way in which entering the cabin and leaving it could take you to an actual cabin off the island? Could Jacob be the man who decides who can leave the island? If their purpose is good enough when the leave the cabin they could end up outside the cabin, but in a forest or village outside the island.

Ok so I'm getting carried away, this isn't what I BELIEVE, but it's my thoughts and it is a possibility. Yeah if you don't agree with the idea then no need to get angry. But everyone's' thoughts on this would be great!

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