Hey I'm new here so sorry If this post isn't good or anything. I've been coming on Lostpedia but haven't made an account until now. So here's my first post:

I read a theory that Jacob could be the son of Kate and Jack. So I'll talk about why I think this could or couldn't be true.


If Kate, Jack, and the other survivors (apart from Locke, Sun) are stuck in 1977 that means Kate would probably have the baby at some time then, right? (probably, unless there's another time shift in further episodes). Ok lets assume she does have a baby with Jack, in the year 1977. Then: Rewind to 1954, Locke goes into the others' camp and tells Richard that he was sent by Jacob. If Jacob doesn't exist until 1977 as a baby, how would Richard come to know of a "Jacob" in 1954? Unless there are other time shifts and Kate ends up having the baby earlier, then he somehow gets stuck in time, I don't think Jacob is the son of Jack and Kate.

Again this is mainly assumptions.

So I think it's more possible that Jacob is Christians grandfather (or Jacks Great Grandfather), I'm not saying this is what I think, I think its more possible than Jacob being the son of Jack.

Another question to dwell on. Is Claire dead? The same episode where Claire disappears her house is attack but she's saved, Sawyer asks her if she's alright, and she responds "Don't Worry, I'll Live" to which Miles replies "I wouldn't be too sure about that". Do you think Miles being able to see or hear the dead has something to do with this? Do you think maybe Claire was already dead (or undead) when Sawyer saved her? Seeing as it's nearly impossible to tell if someone is alive or undead, maybe everyone assumed she was alive, but she was actually un-dead, kind of like Locke.

Ok now back to Jacob, they say Jacob must be related to the Shepard's because he had his supposed relatives in his cabin. Which made me think, people allowed to stay in the cabin, must be dead (undead). If this wasn't the case then what was the reason behind leaving Aaron and not taking him to the cabin aswell? If Jacob was a relative, then shouldn't Aaron have been taken to the cabin aswell?

Also, if Claire DID die, Aaron was also in the same house (I think) so wouldn't it have been possible for him to die aswell?

Anyways I just wanted peoples opinion on this post.

P.S I think they didn't take Aaron as a baby because maybe they want him to come back on his own instead of being taken as a baby when he has no choice.

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