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    I just want to know what people think. With Ajira 318

    Do people reckon they got home safely? It landed? crashed? what?

    What would happen once the plane had landed and nearly all the passengers were missing from it? how would society react? especially with 2 people on the plane who were presumed dead for 3 years (Claire and Sawyer). And Richard and Miles, they weren't even ON the plane to begin with. I would've loved to see what happened when they landed. Perhaps they told everyone the truth about the island? Or landed somewhere secret and had some of the survivors get off the plane before anyone noticed? Thoughts?

    Also now that Hurley was the leader, what do you think he did? He can see dead people (maybe even from thousands of years ago) so …

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    I mean: come on!

    I'd understand not letting him leave when he turned into the smoke monster. But why not allow him to leave when he was human??

    Was it his destiny to ALWAYS do something evil? and by keeping him on the island any potential harm he did wouldn't be totally catastrophic to society?

    So even if he DID get off the island, maybe he'd become some murderer, warlord, serial killer, a new Hitler? etc etc and possibly destroy society even if he didn't become the smoke monster?

    I just thought of the above now, and I like that idea! By keeping him on the island they ensured any evil he did would only be on the island, and not on the whole world!

    If that was the case (which could now never be proven) it would explain why he wasn't/couldn't lea…

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    I think Ben decided to stay in purgatory because he still felt guilt over Alex and her he would move on once that was sorted. My opinion anyways..

    I enjoyed the ending but they could have elaborated more. MiB wanted to leave to "go home" , but it's revealed he only wanted to leave to spread evil. I could understand MiB telling people that he wants to go home, he could manipulate them easier than by saying he wants to end the world. My question is why wasn't he allowed to leave back when he was just a regular human? The mother said he won't be able to it because of her supposed rules? and if so, why?

    Also, when Juliet died, Miles said her last thoughts were "it worked". Now we know that it didn't really work..rather it wa…

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    May 19, 2010 by VLost

    I'm surprised I haven't seen more blogs or posts about this. It seems like people are only interested in whats right in front of them. Well I have to say Richard was one of my favourite characters.

    Which is why after watching what they died for I was very confused.

    Is Richard dead..?

    On lostpedia it says "presumed dead". If that's true he died I'd be really disappointed that they give this awesome character such a random unexpected death..

    But Richard did request that "he never wanted to die...he wanted to live forever".. And Jacob gave him that request. Does that mean he's still alive?

    Or is it that once Jacob died, Richard's gift went away...??

    So close to the finale!!

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    This theory will have something to do with time travel.

    As we saw, the source could be the main reason the losties traveled through time. I will get straight to the point...

    Why weren't we given the names of MiB and Mother? Unless their names really were Adam and Eve, I think there is another reason for it..

    I think the MiB is Aaron. Not Claires Aaron. No. I just think his name is Aaron because of the connection the mother felt for that name..

    Wait, what? Why would the mother have a connection to the name Aaron?

    Well here is my wacky theory - did anyone else think the mother had a slight resemblance to Kate?

    I think the mother is actually Kate, who somehow travels back in time in the coming episode(s).

    I think Flocke knows this, I always wondered…

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