So... now that we're coming up on a little less than four hours until The End, what will you do after Lost?

  1. Rewatch all of Lost?
  2. Start having normal conversations with non-Lost watching friends?
  3. Go back to work and try to explain your six year-long lunch break to your boss?
  4. Buy a plane ticket for seat 23B on every flight from Sydney to Los Angeles and vice versa?
  5. Build your own fusion reactor and attempt to bring Lapidus back?
  6. Shave that beard/those legs finally?
  7. Change your phone number to 481-516-2342?
  8. Learn to handle dynamite better than Arzt and Ilana?
  9. Ask the devil for your soul back?
  10. Change your name to Daniel Faraday, go back to school to get a doctorate in physics, then calculate where the Island will be next?

Vote in the comments or add your own post-Lost plans. Personally, I'll be wearing Dharma coveralls with a Dharma beer in one hand while beginning construction on a Frozen Donkey Wheel in the sewage drain in my backyard just to see what my neighbors think...

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