How would you feel about an official, completely canon, novelization of Lost as a whole? The show is essentially a long story in and of itself. Everything is there - character development, foreshadowing, allusions, mysteries, etc. It would all just have to be organized so as to make it a compelling book that you wouldn't want to put down. It'd also be a great chance for either a Lost addict to write their own explanations to unanswered questions (assuming that Darlton allow a third party to write it) or for Darlton themselves to explain things they couldn't answer in the show.

Things would have to be rearranged probably. Like maybe start it off with the Others looking up from the Barracks and seeing the plane crash and going back and forth between their view of events and the survivors' view of events, and maybe at times Jacob/MiB's. The hardest part would be making it desirable to both those who have seen every episode, those who have seen bits and pieces and know the final outcome, and those who have never even touched Lost before.

Some interesting spin-off novels could include the history of Dharma, the Valenzetti Equation, or the very origin of the Island (i.e., when it first came into existence, it's first protector, etc.)

Of course, I realize this could potentially lead to a movie which I doubt anybody wants. I suppose a good author could hold out on the movie companies. But I don't know... if somebody offered me a cool coupla G's (preferably in the Numbers), I'd be awfully tempted to sell out (like Ray selling out Kate...)

On a completely unrelated note, I really miss those "Choose your own adventure" novels...

Anyways, give me your feedback. I'd like to know if there's other people out there who want a novel too.

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