So I was thinking earlier today that in the finale, Desmond pulled the plug out of the Source, beginning the process to sink the Island and rendering the MiB vulnerable by making him human again, so to speak. Seems okay, right? But then why is it that he is still in Locke's body? We see Locke's body lying on the ground back towards the beginning of the season, so we know that the MiB is merely taking on his form. Locke is really really dead, but when the MiB becomes man again or whatever, he is still in Locke's body. Shouldn't he have transformed into something else, or just ceased to exist? It just doesn't make sense to me that there could be two Locke bodies on the same Island. In short, the MiB was never actually possessing Locke but posing as him. But to become man, at least to the point where he can be cut and shot and bleed, he would have to have a body, which couldn't be Locke's body because it's still buried.

I do realize that the producers really had no other way of portraying the final battle. They could have made him go the way of the Wicked Witch of the West (I'm melting!) or he could have instantly taken on another physical body, but neither of these would be plausible for the show. Still, there's the creepy thought of two identical Locke bodies hanging out on the Island...

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