With only ten days left until the finale, and being the beginning of summer break, I'm rewatching the first five seasons of Lost. Now that we're almost at the end and things are tying up, it'll be interesting to see if I notice different things about characters based on what we know about them much later. I'm noticing more and more how the producers have really had this planned from the very beginning, utilizing foreshadowing a lot. I'll be going through and editing the episode pages too if I notice anything that's not on there already, although anyone is welcome to revert any edits since these pages have all been picked clean. I'm trying to make my notes as unbiased as I can towards theories about what's going to happen. Also, these are just transcribed as I watch it. So you'll see occasional little irrelevant notes that I'm noticing for the first time, or wish I had picked up earlier, like the times they focus on people at streams, Sawyer's nicknames, etc.

Anyways, as I go through the episodes, I'll be periodically uploading my notes for each one. Feel free to add to them or comment on them. And if you're game for it and have free time, join me in my epic rewatch!

The Pilot

Part 1

  • Vincent finds Jack in the beginning.
  • Jack's short hair compared to his relatively shaggy hair later.
    • Most likely, he's just had less time to be concerned about his hair
  • Claire comes to the Island eight months pregnant, presumably quite close to the same time Claudia arrived.
  • In the FST, Bernard Nadler (flash-sideways timeline) tells Jack he was flirting with his wife, while in the Original Timeline, Bernard never even sees Jack until later.
  • Shirt colors - don't know if there's any significance, but almost all the candidates seems to be wearing black or white shirts immediately after the crash
    • White shirts
      • Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Locke, Claire (although Claire's has black soot on her belly, Jin, and Sun.
        • Both Hurley and Locke's shirt are crisscrossed with what appears to be blue or black lines.
    • Black shirts
      • Sawyer is the only one with black (unless you count Charlie).
  • The whole point of Walt is just to show that people born off the Island can be special as well.
  • Locke does the orange peel thing like in the Godfather, who we all know wasn't exactly the best man ever.
  • Vincent is watching Jack, Kate, and Charlie as they go looking for the cockpit.
  • Locke sits out in the rain while everybody else runs for cover.
  • The Monster tries to kill Jack, Kate, and Charlie it seems. At this point, is he unaware of Jacob's plan? That they are candidates? Or is he just trying to scare them?
  • First river focus. They look in the (muddy) water and see the pilot's body. They wonder how it got up so high, indicating that the Smoke Monster can indeed travel quite high (I think this was a point of speculation for some).
    • Also, the river is really muddy. Is this indicative of anything, now that we know the water and the light are somehow intertwined?

Part 2

  • Kate claims to not be a coward, but she turns down several opportunities to come clean about her past, although she does tell the truth in other areas.
  • Sayid starts the whole namecalling thing by telling Sawyer he's a redneck.
  • Sawyer calls Hurley "Lardo", Jack "doc", and also tells Jack that he's the hero.
    • Interesting... will Jack be the hero in the end?
  • Sayid fought for the opposite side in the Gulf War.
    • Sayid fought for the Man in Black later - will it also be the losing side?
  • Ooh hello Kate.
  • Kate thinks the beach isn't any safer than the rest of the Island, but Ben later tells them that the beach is the safest place they can be.
  • "That guy from the gate saved our lives" - Shannon
    • Gate could be reference to gates of hell? or heaven? probably not though
  • Hooray for backgammon!
    • Locke says its the oldest game in the world, over 5,000 years old.
    • Walt asks if it's anything like checkers, to which Locke says it's not. In comparison, senet gave rise to draughts, also known as checkers.
  • John's scar on his right eye - less vivid before he becomes the MiB
  • Jin's food caused Aaron to kick, and Claire knew that it was a he
    • Seems to indicate that candidates do have some special powers?
    • Purpose of Aaron was just to show that babies could be born on the Island and as a parallel later. Don't think Aaron has anything to do with the rest of the show.
  • Oh eff, a polar bear? And dead in only seven shots? Nice shooting there Sawyer
  • Everybody that's been killed onscreen up to this point (Turbine guy, Pilot) have been killed by the Monster.
  • Boone is trying to be a little Jack.

Tabula Rasa

  • Jack learns about Kate's background, but says that it doesn't matter
    • Jacob also says that once people come to the Island, their past doesn't matter anymore.
  • Sawyer calls Sayid "Abdul", Kate "Freckles" for the first time, and Sayid "Al Jazeera"
  • Hope is a dangerous thing to lose, so we lie.
    • Jacob's excuse for manipulation?
  • Funny that they're arguing over who holds the gun when in the end, everybody gets a gun pretty much.
  • Kate is wearing a striped shirt like Charlie's in this episode, probably indicative of her having been a prisoner
  • Kate tells Ray that she was walking around - she was kind of on a walkabout too
  • Kate's about to tell the truth?
  • Hurley avoids the dead bodies in the fuselage because he knows he talks to dead people.
  • Jack is still stuck in civilization, but Sawyer is out in the wild.
  • Ray tells Kate that everybody deserves a fresh start.
  • Patsy Cline died in a private plane crash in 1963
  • Michael doesn't trust Locke.
  • Does the Island choose who it heals or have requirements? It healed Locke's legs and Rose's cancer, but it doesn't heal the marshal's shrapnel wound, Ben's spinal injury (although the Island may have used Jack to heal it), or Jack's appendicitis.
  • Walt causes the rain to stop to get his dog back.
  • Mars asks Jack if "she (Kate) got to him" - Dogen says a similar thing to Sayid after he fails to kill the MiB ("you let him talk to you, didn't you?"), and the MiB says it to Richard after he fails to kill Jacob.
  • Murder #1: Sawyer kills Mars (don't think it's Jack because he had nothing to euthanize him with except suffocation really)
  • Kate pulls Ray's arm off, kinda like how Jin et al. ripped Montand's arm off as he got dragged into the Temple by the smoke monster.
  • Vincent shows up when Locke calls him, but not when Walt does.
  • "Three days ago, we all died." Jack's statement of having a fresh start is similar to Richard's statement that he watched them all die.


  • Locke realizes he can walk again.
  • The boar seems to be attracted to wrecks.
    • Perhaps the Island uses the boar (or just boars in general) as a means of introducing people to things.
      • Hunting the boar is what causes Jacob and his brother to see other men for the first time.
      • The boar makes Richard drop his little nail and sort of introduces him to the MiB.
      • Hunting the boar results in Locke being introduced to the monster.
  • Jack wants to get rid of the bodies; the Others also know that they need to get rid of bodies, due to the MiB's impersonation abilities.
  • Locke sure seems to know a lot about killing. Creepy, eh?
  • Randy asks Locke why he calls himself a colonel; Locke tells him that he's just playing a game and talks about his destiny to overcome his disability.
    • He believes he is on his way to his destiny because he finally overcomes his disability upon arrival at the Island.
  • Locke says a walkabout involves drawing spiritual energy from the earth.
  • Locke calls Kate Helen, probably because he was just thinking about her in his flashback (fine time to have a flashback anyways)
  • Rose says her husband gave her his ring; Jin gives Locke his ring to give to Sun in This Place Is Death.
  • Jack is big on coming through on promises; Rose wants to let him off the hook.
  • When Kate is putting up the radio thingy in the tree and sees the smoke monster coming, she looks at it and says "Locke". Pretty big foreshadowing.
    • So what did the smoke monster have to say/show Locke when he encountered it?
  • Rose seems to be on top of things and have a lot of faith. Wonder what would have happened if Jack HAD been right and the tailies died?
  • Jack sees his dad immediately prior to Locke coming back.
  • Kate says "Locke's gone" - maybe his encounter changed him, infected him?
  • Locke says "Don't tell me what I can't do!" numerous times, just like MiB and says the walkabout is his destiny.
  • The first person to talk to Locke after he realizes he's been healed is Jack, the healer.

White Rabbit

  • Stupid Boone.
    • Maybe Boone's purpose is to show Jack that he can't save everybody?
  • Was Joanna (chick drowning) healed by the Island? Kate says she had an ear infection, her doctor grounded her for 2 days, then 6 days later she was swimming. Swimming isn't something you do when you have an ear infection. 8 days is plenty of time for an ear infection to heal though, although she was most likely without medication in which case it might take longer.
  • Vincent shows up again, right after a death.
  • Walt asks lots of questions, but they seem kind of dumb for a kid who's supposed to be special.
  • Sun wants to try communicating better with the others, probably because she wants to pretend like she's learning English from them rather than accidentally using English and exposing herself.
  • Love Sawyer's little "emporium" :)
  • Sawyer calls Shannon "sticks" and is also reading Watership Down
  • Astrology - Claire can tell Kate's a Gemini... wonder if any of the other survivors match up to their signs?
  • Jack's dad tells him to not make choices
  • When Jack's dad disappears and his mom sends him to find him, he says he'll be back - ironic because after his death, Christian IS back. Kinda.
  • Everybody with an Aussie accent sounds like Chase from House.
  • Jack falls off the cliff and Locke pulls him to safety; Locke (as MiB) pulls Sawyer to safety when he falls off the ladder on a cliff.
  • Sawyer calls Jin "Mr. Miyagi"
  • Locke says he's an ordinary man and not a believer in magic, but that there is something special about this Island, something that "we all know and feel."
    • Mother says that the light is something inside everybody, maybe the Island not only contains it but makes people more aware of it?
  • Locke talks a lot about destiny and reason behind things to Jack, who doesn't believe it, but later Jack believes he was brought to the Island for a reason.
  • "I looked into the eye of the Island and what I saw was beautiful."
  • Some kind of jingle-jangley sound as Christian walks back to make Jack find the water.. kinda sounds like ice cubes in a tumbler.
  • That waterfall looks similar to the one where MiB's body wound up.
  • Why was there no body in the casket? Every other dead person form he's taken he leaves the body. Did MiB move it maybe?

House of the Rising Sun

  • Jack has reasons that he doesn't wanna reveal.
    • Jacob has reasons for things that he doesn't want to reveal either.
  • Isn't that the tree that Naomi crashed in right outside the caves?
  • Sawyer calls Sayid "Omar", Sayid "Captain Falafel".
  • Jack says that there's been no major trauma to the skeletons, but the MiB had his head smashed into a stone wall and also hit it pretty hard on the rock in the river... you'd think there'd at least be a crack in his skull. And Mother was stabbed, that might've broken a rib or something.
  • Locke seems to find the cave where they are rather quickly.. Maybe he knew?
  • Haha Charlie's response to finding Kate's shirt is awesome "It was full of bees." "I'd have thought C's really."
  • "We don't need to bring the water to the people, we need to bring the people to the water."
    • Maybe it could be rephrased as "We don't need to bring the Source to the people, we need to bring the people to the Source."?
  • Two groups - pessimists & optimists
  • Sun asks her friend to watch after her dog when she's gone just like Michael asks her to watch after Walt when he's gone, and Sun probably asked her grandmother to take care of Ji Yeon while she was gone.
  • "The Island might just give you what you're looking for (maybe the Source?) but you have to give it something (life?)" after which Charlie gives Locke his heroin. Is Locke the Island?
  • Michael sort of forgives Jin. Wonder what Jin would've done if he knew Michael saw Sun in the buff?
  • Jack and Locke were both on the side of living together in the caves.. funny if Jack wound up being Jacob because then Jack and Locke would have lived in the caves prior to their becoming opposite sides of a coin.

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