Anybody else noticed that for the past three runs I've done of this, it always come down to seven articles? A few of these I've already added over on the Lost Encyclopedia errors, but like I've said previously, I'm keeping this going for my own records and thoughts. In general, I think these will transition more towards a listing of the new things that I find with the errors being added directly to the main errors article, unless I'm not sure about it.

Daniel Faraday (pg. 96)

  • Lists time travel rules (don't believe we've had a full rundown of them before).
  • Better pictures of his journal pages (even clearer ones are seen in the entry "Journals").

Danielle Rousseau (pg. 98)

  • "However it was broken until...", referring to her music box, should be phrased "However, it was broken until..." The lack of a comma makes it appear as though the cause behind the music box being broken the primary focus of the sentence.
  • Won't bother going into the time details, it's been discussed elsewhere to death.

Danny Pickett (pg. 100)

  • "When Sawyer struggled, Pickett kicked him the stomach." - omits in.

Dave (Hurley's friend) (pg. 101)

  • "personified his id impulses." - not sure what that "id" is there for. I guess it's referring to his id, the instinctive part of the mind, but that's a noun, not an adjective. Perhaps "personified the impulses of his id" would have been a better sentence. Then again, how many people know what "id" is?

Animals (pg. 107)

  • This image spread appears to be of all the animals/creatures that have been on the island. However, Bos primigenius is incorrectly identified as "cattle." B. primigenius, or aurochs, was the ancestor of today's common bovine and went extinct in 1627.

Dogen (pg. 113)

  • Reveals that Jacob supplied him with the tools for testing the measure of good and evil in a person's body (torture tools) as well as the sacred ash for protecting the Temple. Not sure if this has been revealed previously or not.

Duncan Forrester (pg. 115)

  • "Forrester argued persuasively that Austen was not a flight risk due to her celebrity as one of the Oceanic Six." - I think status was left omitted out of the phrase "celebrity status."
  • "Kate declined and asked to be put on the stand in own her defense." - looks like those words got mixed up a little in there.

Okay, so I wound up with seven again. Guess it really is the perfect number. Granted, I did omit a few observations because they were menial at best, but oh well. Whatever happens, happens.

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