My thanks and appreciation to BalkOfFame for setting up a summary page of errors over here. It's great to see work being done on it. I'm seeing some things crop up that I've missed as well. Regardless, I'm still going to keep posting so I can elaborate on things and also note anything interesting (in a non-erroneous way) as I find them.

Caesar (pg. 64)

  • "Caesar politely offered his condolence, which slightly surprised Jack." - should be condolences.

Caves (pg. 65)

  • Never occurred to me that Mother killed Claudia in the same caves where she raised Jacob and MiB. For some reason I felt like they had moved.
  • "...lived their modest lives as Mother and sons." - while Mother is referring to their adoptive mother, it's unnecessarily capitalized here.
  • "It destroyed the Man in Black's mortal body, which Jacob then carried back to the caves." - if it was destroyed, how did he carry it back? A better wording would have been more like "It killed the MiB and deposited his body downstream, which Jacob then carried back to the caves."

Charles Widmore (pg. 68)

  • Again makes reference to him spending "the better part of two decades" to return to the island (see notes on Ben). Better part implying 15+ years. Hard to name it as an error though since dates are a bit questionable in the Lost world.
  • "More concerned with his own satisfaction than his island responsibilities, Jacob had Alpert strip away his leadership and banish him from the island forever as punishment." - previously mentioned elsewhere, but the bad grammar of the sentence rubs my fur the wrong way :D
  • Image "Widmore Construction billboard" is really blurry, looking like an episode screencap. You'd think they would have gotten a clearer image from the set or something.
  • On page 70, there is a paragraph relating to his plant of the flight 815 wreckage. The next paragraph concerns Locke and Sun after the Oceanic Six are rescued. Then after that, it mentions the assembly of the Kahana team. The Kahana paragraph should come second.

Charlie Pace (pg. 76)

  • "Blindfolded and hung by his neck, Charlie died, but he was miraculously resuscitated by Jack." - Charlie was left to die, but was not necessarily "dead" (medically speaking, cessation of brain function) when Jack and Kate got to him. As has been said on the show "dead is dead."
  • "Charlie barely survived both the dynamite explosion inside the Swan and its eventual fail-save implosion." - should be fail-safe.
  • Image of Charlie's guitar from Greatest Hits shows it to be an Antares brand guitar. Antares is the 16th brightest star in the night sky.

Christian Shephard (pg. 82)

  • Was sober for 50 days (8+42) before Jack accused him of sleeping with Sarah.
  • Thought it was kind of ironic that Christian nicked Beth's hepatic artery, which supplies blood to the liver, while he was drunk. Never noticed that before either.

Cindy Chandler (pg. 84)

  • States that she made it back to her seat before the plane went down. A flight attendant's seat is near the cockpit and we never see Cindy when she's in the back of the plane prior to the crash.
  • Confirms that Cindy, Zack, and Emma all survived the war.

Claire Littleton (pg. 86)

  • Birthdate is given as October 29, 1981. Lostpedia gives it as October 27, 1981. In "Numbers", she tells John on Day 36 that it is her birthday. That would place her birthday on October 28th.
  • Claire's necklace means love in Chinese.

All in all, I think I found more new things in this section than I did errors. I was especially surprised by the claim that Cindy and the kids DID survive everything that went on. Kind of makes me hope for a reunion tour special episode...

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