The Bs started out good at first, but quickly soured.

Beatrice Klugh (pg. 43)

  • A translation of Bea's conversation with Mikhail is given. Since the authors likely got their translations directly from the scripts/writers rather than translating it themselves, I think that the translations in the book should take precedence over fan translations.

Barracks (pg. 45)

  • A good color map of the Barracks is provided.

Benjamin Linus (pg. 46)

  • "Ben weaved himself a complicated web..." should be "wove himself."

After the Purge, with Widmore now in charge, Ben defied his orders to kill Danielle Rousseau... Many years later, after Widmore had been banished from the Island, Ben took over as leader. Widmore hated Ben but was convinced he'd one day be banished too. Widmore then spent the next 20 years trying to find the and island reclaim what he believed was his.

  • First, the Purge was in 1992, right? 3 years after Alex was kidnapped. Ben had already defied him. Then Widmore was banished, in oh say '96 (speculating here, doesn't matter anyways) and spent 20 years looking for the island? The editor may have a degree in English, but clearly has no arithmetic skills.

After returning to the island, Ben stopped Widmore from revealing to the Man in Black crucial information that would've threatened the safety of the island. Ben shot Widmore dead.

  • Widmore clearly revealed Desmond as being Jacob's "fail-safe" to the MiB BEFORE he was shot. And that wasn't Ben's purpose at all in shooting him, he did that to get revenge for Widmore killing Alex ("He doesn't get to save his daughter." best Ben line ever). ("What They Died For")

Bernard Nadler (pg. 52)

  • In Facts & Figures, Rose is not listed as his wife.

Black Rock (pg. 54)

  • The section "The Fate of the Black Rock" is just atrocious.
    • It says in late December 1867, it was moored near the shores of the island. I wasn't aware that dense jungle is the same as the ocean.
    • It claims that everybody except Richard died in less than a month's time. While that's technically true, the line directly across from it says that Alpert survived in the hold for a week. It would have been better to say everybody died in a few weeks.
    • States that the first officer's log was found in 1852, 15 years after the Black Rock disappeared. Again with the math. It should be 1882.
      • Since The Constant aired prior to Ab Aeterno it could be that they hadn't settled on the formal date of 1867 and just tossed out 1852. Possible continuity error in the show and book. Still doesn't excuse saying it was found 15 years later in 1852.

Blast Door Map (pg. 57)

  • Much better picture of the map (same as the one on the DVD, but clearer and includes the bottom portion).
  • Mentions that Radzinsky utilized his photographic memory of the island to make the details on the map, but it was his photographic memory that allowed him to pick back up where he left on the blast door map without black lights. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1")

Bram (pg. 60)

  • Says Miles asked Bram for $6.4 million. Definitely was $3.2 mil.

So this chunk had quite a few more pretty blatant errors and grammatical errors than did the As. Bit more disappointing.

BalkOfFame suggested starting an article. I'll probably start putting one together tomorrow, although if anybody wants to beat me to the punch, feel free.

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