Aaron Littleton (pg. 10)

  • Time on island is given as 60 days, but he was on the Island during Days 41-108, a total of 67 days.
  • While most other characters have both parents listed when known, Thomas is not mentioned as Aaron's father.

But Sawyer's southern accent proved a hit with Aaron, did reading aloud to him.

Should read "as did."
  • Underneath the section "Life As Aaron Austen", it says that Kate "suggested claiming Aaron as her own to help protect those left on the island from Charles Widmore." In The Little Prince, Kate tells Jack she wants to keep Aaron because they've lost so many others and she can't bear to lose him too.

Alcohol (pg. 18)

  • A note on a bottle of cabernet says that Inman told Desmond about the fail-safe after drinking some, but the bottle he was drunk on was clearly marked Merlot. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2") Yes, Cabernet is often blended with Merlot, so the statement is technically correct about Inman getting drunk on red wine, but still.
  • This one really irked me, since it was such a crucial part of the show. Jacob's wine bottle looks NOTHING like the one on the show. The one pictured has a thick, short stem and a more evenly rounded bottom. It looks more like glassware from a chemistry lab. Presumably, since MiB broke the bottle, that was the only one they had and they decided to put the picture in the book after the prop was gone. Still irritates me because that bottle was pretty key.

Alex Rousseau (pg. 20)

  • Age is given as 16, but she was born in January '89 and died in December '04, so she would almost be 16. Lostpedia has this information as well. I do recall Ben mentioning that she was 16 at one point though.

Ana Lucia Cortez (pg. 24)

  • Lists her mother's name as "Theresa Cortez" when it was "Teresa." Minor error.
  • The image of her TSA security badge, obtained not long before her time on the island, has what appears to be a date stamped below her picture: 07/02/07. Of course, that might not be a date. I don't have any experience with TSA badges... but if it is a date, it places her as an employee three years after she died.

Ancient dagger (pg. 26)

Put this right through his chest. Don't hesitate - do not let him say a word. If he speaks, it will already be too late.

- MiB never says "right" in the actual episode.

Angelo Busoni (pg. 27)

  • States that he died after 7 hours on the table, but Christian stated that he was on the table for 7.5 hours. ("The Hunting Party")

Ankhs (pg. 29)

  • The scroll inside the wooden ankh is shown with the names Reyes, Shephard, Ford, Jarrah, Kwon, and Locke printed on it. There's no mention of saving Sayid, which is what Lennon told Hurley. ("LA X, Part 1"). Also, Dogen asked for each of their names, but doesn't inquire as to who Locke is. (see comments)

Okay, that's all the faults I've gleaned from the first 39 pages. Some interesting things that I noticed, which I hadn't before, were that Ajira 316 was going to Guam, the same place where the Dharma warehouse is at; a note on the ash that says it creates a sphere of energy encompassing the person within it (speaking of the "protective" or "sacred" circle in religion, not necessarily how it worked and why it stopped with Dogen); and several mentions of how things foreshadowed future events.

Tune in later whenever I find a few more free hours to read/write up the Bs.

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