This is a pretty lengthy chunk mostly because I was working on a big project that was due today (10/21) and didn't have time to type up all my observations. I did, however, keep reading and noting observations as I went through. I've already added any significant errors that I found over on the Lost Encyclopedia page, so I've decided to reserve my blog as a place for confirmations/conclusions that I've found in the book (hence the name change from Chronicle of Errors to Chronicle of Conslusions).

There's no "new" information per se, as in they don't reveal the intricacies of a lot of the mysteries. The majority of the conclusions and confirmations that are presented in the book are merely confirming in a (questionably) official manner what many of us have already believed. They are limited in scope and don't really offer much, but they are interesting to note. However, there is debate about the canonicity of these statements. Without explicit confirmation of things, it is difficult to determine whether or not a conclusion or confirmation of something is directly from Darlton or whether it is the author's own interpretation. Regardless, I'm posting them here so that they can be archived in the event that they are declared canon. A few of them I've mentioned in previous posts (such as Cindy sticking around with Hurley after the war), but I've included them here for organizational purposes. Some of these observations are merely new things that I've noticed that I'm fairly certain haven't been previously noticed on Lostpedia (although the more observant of us may have seen them and failed to mention).


This was a minor mystery that eluded me for quite some time. When Sayid killed Dogen, Lennon exclaimed "He was the only thing keeping it out! Idiot! You just let it in!" ("Sundown") I wasn't exactly sure what this meant, although I presumed it had something to do with the ash. In the "Connections" box, it states that in (ritualistic magic) systems, the ash creates a sphere of energy or protection that encompasses the individual inside. The circle merely designates the boundaries of 37 Since Dogen was designated as the Temple Protector, it can be deduced that he was the practitioner who drew the circles, such that only his energy or connection to it would keep it functional. Once he died, the ash ceased to work. This doesn't explain why Bram was able to use the ash to protect himself, but maybe a small enough protection can be generated by a less experienced individual. Not quite a confirmation of things, but it's still interesting to add support to theories behind why the ash stopped the smoke monster.

The Cabin

When Ben and Locke went there for the first time, they stepped over the ash circle. ("The Man Behind the Curtain") When we later discovered that the man inside was not Jacob, it was speculated as to if the ash circle had been previously broken or not. ("The Last Recruit") In The Cabin article, it has the following in it: "When Benjamin Linus took John Locke to the cabin, they failed to notice a breach in the circle of ash, meaning the protective shield against the smoke monster's presence was useless."pg 163 This confirms that the circle was indeed previously broken by an unknown individual.

Charlie Pace

An image of Charlie's acoustic guitar that he played in Desmond's flashback reveals the brand to be 76("Flashes Before Your Eyes")("Greatest Hits") (A better picture can also be seen on the picture spread of musical items found on pages 124-125) While this may be purely coincidental, as Antares is an actual (and quite cheap) brand, it is interesting to note the name's connection to the show. Antares is also the name of a red super-giant visible in the Northern Hemisphere, which just happens to be the 16th brightest star. Wikipedia notes that some consider it to be the 15th brightest, if one considers the Capella star system to be one "star" rather than two. Antares is also the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius. The astrological sign Scorpio uses this constellation, and Scorpio just happens to be Claire's sign (following the tropical zodiac). This could imply that Charlie was the brightest star in Claire's life.

Cindy Chandler

This is a good example of a confirmation that does not alter one's view on the show or change anything previously established. The end of Cindy's article states the following:

When Widmore launched his mortar attack on the Man in Black's group on the beach, Cindy, Zack and Emma survived and escaped into the jungle.("The Last Recruit") Along with Rose and Bernard, Cindy is one of the few to survive the island's tumult to join Hurley and live under his guard.

Lost Encyclopedia, page 85

Nice to know that Hurley's got a basic family unit on the island, since the rest of his family pretty much got killed off.

Claire Littleton

A picture of Claire's necklace on page 86 states that it means "love" in Chinese.

Daniel Faraday

I'm not sure if Daniel mentioned the following lines on screen or if they were written in part of his notebook, but they are his "rules" concerning space-time travel.

Time is like a street.

We can move forward on that street,

We can move in reverse,

We cannot ever create a new street.

If we try to do anything different, we will fail every time.

Whatever happened, happened.

Lost Encyclopedia, page 96

Ethan Rom

This is a good example of background history being revealed about a character. This is something that was specifically mentioned in Darlton's foreword ("...the majority of our time in the writer's room was spent constructing the part below [the water]... The intricate backstories of the passengers of Oceanic 815, not to mention the people who inhabited the island long before them.")

Much like Benjamin Linus, young Ethan was drawn to the native people on the island and yearned to be a part of their community. He reached out to their leader Charles Widmore and was told that he would be welcome if, in exchange as a DHARMA insider, he helped carry out elements of the Purge. when Ethan's people were all dead, including his parents, the young boy changed his name from Goodspeed to Rom and officially became one of "them."

Lost Encyclopedia, page 127

Here we finally get an answer as to how Ethan became an Other and why he changed his name.

Geronimo Jackson

I especially loved this one just because it was "bonus material", something fun that tied minor things together. The introductory paragraph to the article states "However, it was rumored that another band member named Floyd left to work in the South Pacific for the DHARMA Initiative in the '70s."pg 136 I think that one of the DVD commentaries hinted at this, and true, this one also only hints at it, but if the encyclopedia is to be taken as canon, then I would say that he more than likely was part of the band. If you look at the cover of the Magna Carta record, you can see a dude with a 'fro sitting on the far left.

Jack Shephard

An image of Jack's passport shows his place of birth to be Chicago, 176

Kate Austen

Like Jack, her passport reveals her birthdate to be August 3rd, 1979 and her birth of place as Indianapolis, 206

Okay, that's about all that I can think of that I've noted that can pretty much be considered truth. There's lots of other statements, but they deal with more controversial matters such as the nature of the island and the source. I'm also sure that I've missed a bunch of other things, but that's what the community is for, right? Enjoy!

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