• Uzerzero

    This is a pretty lengthy chunk mostly because I was working on a big project that was due today (10/21) and didn't have time to type up all my observations. I did, however, keep reading and noting observations as I went through. I've already added any significant errors that I found over on the Lost Encyclopedia page, so I've decided to reserve my blog as a place for confirmations/conclusions that I've found in the book (hence the name change from Chronicle of Errors to Chronicle of Conslusions).

    There's no "new" information per se, as in they don't reveal the intricacies of a lot of the mysteries. The majority of the conclusions and confirmations that are presented in the book are merely confirming in a (questionably) official manner what m…

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  • Uzerzero

    New Wikia Layout

    October 20, 2010 by Uzerzero

    Now that it's default, how do you feel about it?

    I don't like change (like Jacob) and think it's taking on too much of a Facebook look. It's harder to find common things on the pages. The old left-hand menu is moved to the top and reduced. There's still no decent iPhone/iPad version. I don't like the Wikia bar across the top.

    On the bright side, formatting like lists and sections is easier on the eyes. It also seems to have been optimized a bit. I've noticed a slight decrease in page load times.

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  • Uzerzero

    I'm fairly certain that this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find it. I'm not talking about the vague "end of the world" circumstances that Widmore claimed, but what it would mean for mankind.

    Would we go through some kind of tribulation period? Perhaps one where the MiB would be able to fulfill his desires and allow his followers to do so as well. Maybe it would just be a gradual change into hell.

    So some thoughts/speculation on how the MiB could bring about the end of the world. Perhaps he could take on Hitler's form and terrorize the world. Regardless, we're all screwed if that were to happen. Thank you Jack and Desmond!

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  • Uzerzero

    Anybody else noticed that for the past three runs I've done of this, it always come down to seven articles? A few of these I've already added over on the Lost Encyclopedia errors, but like I've said previously, I'm keeping this going for my own records and thoughts. In general, I think these will transition more towards a listing of the new things that I find with the errors being added directly to the main errors article, unless I'm not sure about it.

    • Lists time travel rules (don't believe we've had a full rundown of them before).
    • Better pictures of his journal pages (even clearer ones are seen in the entry "Journals").

    • "However it was broken until...", referring to her music box, should be phrased "However, it was broken until..." The lack…

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  • Uzerzero

    First Mate's Journal

    October 18, 2010 by Uzerzero

    In analyzing my Lost Encyclopedia, I've grown increasingly curious about the dates in the Black Rock section and the history behind it. The following is a verbatim copy of part of the entry.

    And from the Magnus Hanso entry:

    I've decided to put together my own fanfiction of what the journal could have looked like (as well as with corrected timelines). I've picked the name Francis W. Riker for the first mate because we don't know his name and Riker was Picard's first mate, and Picard was an Englishman (albeit not involved in slave trade) and I like ST:TNG. The "W" stands for William. I do realize that the Black Rock's moonlight job of slave trading was off the books, but there's no reason why the first mate wouldn't put it in his own personal…

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