Here is a theory on the game being played between Jacob and MIB. There are two sets of pieces. The Living and The Undead. Jacob can influence the living off the island by touching but does not control them completely. Jacob always insists on free will. Jacob can also manifest himself as the dead but only if they died on the island. MIB can manifest himself as the dead only if they died off the island other wise MIB is the monster.

Here are some moves made by MIB and Jacob that support the theory. Remember Richards interest in the fact that young Ben had seen his dead mother who had died off island in "the man behind the curtain" ?

  1. MIB manifested as Ben's Mother at his window and in the forest to draw him into the others.
  2. MIB becomes Christian to guide Locke into moving the island, to leave, bring back the O6, and die in the process. By getting Locke to die off island, MIB can now get an audience with Jacob.
  3. Before the monster could "judge" Ben...Jacob manifested as Alex and instructed Ben to follow Locke not knowing that MIB had found his loop hole by manifesting as Flocke.
  4. Jacob while off island touches most of the O6 and Locke during various points in their lives. Kate on the nose during her shoplifting, Sawyer while handing him a pen, Jack handing him a candy bar, Sayid while asking for directions, Hurley in the taxi, Locke after his fall, and Jin and Sun at their wedding.

If the theory holds then the undead who died off island are played by MIB and the undead who died on the island are played by Jacob. So here is something to ponder.

Jacob would equal= Boone, Horace, Charlie, Alex, Libby, Anna Lucia, Mr. Eko (Eko plays chess with Hurley at Santa Rosa). One strike against this theory is the fact that Danielle's crew died at the hands of the monster on the island. I also theorize that Vincent is also a manifestation of Jacob...coincidence that Vincent is the only canine or pet survivor of 815? Vincent is Jacobs way of interacting directly with the Losties. To be explored in a future posting?

MIB would equal= Christian, Kate's horse, Locke, Yemi (Mr. Eko's brother), and Ben's mother Emily. I'm also theorizing that Anthony Cooper aka Locke's Dad died when he slammed into the barricade at 70 mph and MIB used him to further his plan with Locke.

More to come as I attempt to prove the theory.

The living and the undead...two sides one dark one light...pieces of the mouse trap??

--Urban Acheiver 01:53, January 9, 2010 (UTC)

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