One thing that has always bothered me about Lost is how they just leave some characters unburied, like how they never go back for Charlie's corpse. Yeah, they were busy trying to leave the Island and it would have be difficult but it still bothered me. When I re-watched the End and saw how the MiB in Locke's form was never buried it made me realize how there are 2 Locke corpses, 2 MiB corpses, but only 3 corpses.

There's 1. John Locke's body is buried at Boone Hill at the fuselage camp. 2. MiB's body is in the Cave next to Mother. 3. MiB in Locke's form is lying on the lower cliff by the sea.

So there are two Locke associated corpses, and 2 MiB associated corpses (not counting Christian's and others because Locke's form was permanent post-Jacob's death) but only 3 corpses not 4.

The reason why this bothers me because I always imagine when the MiB takes the form of someone he manifests as them, so it's like the Smoke Monster changes into a hologram made of smoke monster-ness, but is solid and real. (Does that make sense?) I feel like the MiB as Locke was not a real flesh and blood person, but more of an illusion (Even though it wasn't). Maybe it wouldn't bother me as much if when Jack kills the MiB in his mortal form as Locke he just turned to smoke and evaporated, but there would not be much emotion as there was when you see the corpse.

I don't know, it's just a little thing that irritates me. On the other hand, have you heard the Jack becomes the new smoke monster theory?

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