• Uncleguff

    Any chance there's something to the thought that the white light and the black smoke are somehow related?

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  • Uncleguff

    What about Ben?

    December 20, 2009 by Uncleguff

    In the Season 5 finale, Jacob looked at Ben and said, "What about you?" The look in his eyes could have been interpreted as sympathy or disdain. It could be sympathy for a man whose actions indicate an unfeigning faith. But it could also be disdain, for one's enemy.

    When Ben was shot by Sayid, he was taken to the temple to be "healed". If this "healing" took place at the hands of the smoke monster, a number of possibilites exist.

    1) Little Ben died and the Ben we see now is Nemesis or Smoke Monster (unlikely)

    2) When Richard said that Ben would never be the same-- that his innocence would be lost, it implied that Ben was forever connected to the apparent dark side (more likely)

    3) Or, as is usually the case in Saviour-types being killed in lit…

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  • Uncleguff

    Vincent, for real

    December 13, 2009 by Uncleguff

    There have been a lot of funny posts about Walt's dog, Vincent. But in rewatching the pilot, I noticed that we see Vincent silently observing the Oceanic 815 survivors, as they travel to the find the cockpit. Then, the smoke monster suddenly shows up.

    Same thing happens the first time we see Vincent, just after the crash. Soon after he spots Jack and the rest, the smoke monster shows up.

    Could it be that Vincent died in the crash and is being embodied by one of the island 'gods' or the smoke monster to keep an eye on things?

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  • Uncleguff

    After rewatching S-5, I came to a realization that many of you have probably already come to... the irony of Ben Linus, they guy we all felt was the most evil, turns out to be the ultimate pawn. As a child, he was Sayid's pawn. As he grew, he became Richard's pawn (Dharma genocide--etc). He was used by Eloise Hawkin to bring the Oceanic 6 back to the island. And then, just as Jacob brushes him off as a nobody, we see him being manipulated by Flocke to kill Jacob.

    For 5 seasons, many feared Ben Linus. Turns out, he was blind and impotent, with no island "purpose". In fact, his desire to have a purpose was his motivation, throughout the show. Truth is, in all his flailing about, all he ever wanted was for his meaningless life to have meaning. …

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  • Uncleguff

    Ever wonder why Claire asked Kate to never bring Aaron back to the island?

    In Season 5, Ilana recognized that Jacob's cabin had not been inhabited by Jacob in quite a while-- that "someone else" had been using it. In that cabin, we earlier saw Christian Shephard, the first corpse to arrive on the island and become reanimated by Jacob's nemesis. With Christian, we saw Claire, who was obviously very comfortable in that scenario.

    So if Claire is being influenced by Jacob's dark-haired nemesis, there is a serious probablity that her request for Aaron to never return to the island was due to the fact that Aaron has a very special purpose.

    I contend that in the upcoming season, we will discover that Aaron is the son of Claire and Jacob. The reason …

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