All of the survivors of flight 815 left on the island are jumping through time together, they are simply not in each others company when the jumps are occurring.

Locke is manipulated and used all throughout his life. This includes the part of his life on the island. In the end, Locke is being used by someone or something and he will die heartbroken. He is not a leader. The best leaders are reluctant. He is too anxious to grab any reigns put in front of him.

The trunk in the Arrow Station (found by Ana Lucia and company) containing a glass eye, radio, and bible (with film) belonged to Cheng.

Ben has caused all of the grief to the Oceanic 6. Killing of Sayed’s girlfriend, tormenting of Hugo, splitting of Jack and Kate, investigating of Kate and Aarron…….And it is all being done so Ben can get back to the island.

Canoes found at the camp: The time frame is in the future from the initial jump of those left on the island. That is why everything looks old and not recently used. The other people in the pursuing canoe are people hired by Whitmore.

The canoes do not belong to the future Oceanic 6.

There is no reason that they need to board a plane to get back to the island. This is demonstrated by the fact that Michael was on a boat that found the island. The mercs did not need to crash a plane to get to the island to kill Ben.

Locke states to Paulo that nothing stays buried forever. This could apply to Jughead, all the dead people, everything ever buried on the island in one way or another. Maybe Jughead is dug up.

You can’t change the future, only the past. And even then, you can only postpone what is supposed to happen (Desmond and Charlie). This being true, then all of this has happened before in some form. If time is a record…records can only play the same thing over and over. I think this ties into the first scene of the first episode being the last scene of the last episode.

Locke turning the wheel stopped the time jumps. They stopped and left everyone in whatever time they were in.

Because we saw Daniel with Chang at the Orchid, I think Daniel, Saywer, Juliet, Jin, and Miles are stuck in the past and will be for a while. Long enough for Daniel to meet that redhead

Let me know what you think.

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