Okay so this is so far fetched.

On another blog it was claimed that Ben could possibly be Widmore's son, the son he fathered with an offIsland woman. Now, before everyone shuts this theory down, yes we saw Ben conceived on the mainland and it was apparent that he was Roger's son. But we never saw him conceived (thankfully) did we? So, I posited that the reason Roger hated his son as he grew up was not just that Ben was responsible for killing Roger's wife during childbirth, but that it wasn't even Roger's son who killed his wife! Is it not possible that Ben's mother and Widmore conceived Ben? And then Roger hated him for it? It puts Widmore's petname for Ben, "boy" in a new light. I hate the idea that Lost would dabble in "cheating" and rah rah but you never know...

(Thanks to 'b13' on Approaching Lost)

Now with that, you have two leaders, one the father and then the next, his son. Could this be what determines the leader of the island? Yes, Richard said there is a specific method for choosing their leaders, well it's possible that method is trying to determine who the next generation in the bloodline is. As Locke is the next leader of the Island following Ben, it would make Ben Locke's father. Afterall, there is no PROOF that Anthony Cooper is his father. But imagine it... Ben is Locke's father. And who is Locke's son? The next leader of the Island? And who was Widmore's father? And his father before him? Is Richard one of these people?

Oy, this theory is as crazy as it is fun. I worry to see the responses...

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