Not normally one for posting short blogs with just the one question but I'm breaking from convention this time.

Does anyone else think that Jack is aware of his first life on Oceanic 815? When he seemed to recognise Desmond, it felt like the way Des recognised Charlie in Flashes Before Your Eyes - as if he was aware of living a second life. But then I recalled that they met in the stadium previously and in the alternate timeline, that meeting could still have happened. End of story. But the rest of the episode seemed to have those little moments. My suspicion is based on nothing other than the performance Matthew Fox gives so this is more a question about what people felt watching these episodes, as opposed to asking for evidence to support a theory. The kicker for me was the beautiful scene between Locke and Jack in the airport office area. The way he said "nothing is irreversible" is obviously a wink to the audience concerning the fact that Jack's faith in Locke and... faith itself, did a complete 180º. Now, I'm aware that it could just be that this alter Jack only said it in regards to spinal conditions, and that the reference I/we make to the original Jack "reversing" his stance on Locke is a just a literary thing. But, I think there's more to it - it just made me feel like he is aware of the first life he lived and he said nothing is irreversible because he knows he reversed his stance in a past life. This will probably reignite debate about whether Jack in the Pilot had been to the island before, which isn't my intention, but it's probably worth somehow tying in to. Anyone else see some of these moments and feel like there was something in Jack that made him seem aware of his other life? Or even with other characters?

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