I haven't seen this covered anywhere, although I haven't been looking either. But I have a small question.

Does Smokey travel through time? Has it been jumping with the Left Behinders since the beginning of Season 5 or has it been stuck like the Others have been? I ask this because I want to know if Smokey would remember some of the characters. We have wondered whether Ben would remember Sayid or if Danielle would remember Jin, seeing as they have crossed paths in the past before the crash of 815. But what about the monster in all this? Will it be remembering those that it has experienced? For example, Kate and Juliet in "Left Behind" (Season 3). Would the monster know them if it came across them in 1977? What about Locke, who it has seen way back in Season 1, and Jack and Kate again in the Season 1 finale. Is the monster we are seeing in 1977 going to remember anyone?

If the monster has been traveling through time like the Left Behinders did, then it is in the past but is still experiencing its own present and therefore would have the memories of 2004 just like the Left Behinders do. God this is so complicated to talk about without drawing pictures. So much easier to explain the rules of Lost time travel when you can draw.

Anyone have thoughts here?

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