Damon has recently said that the Valenzetti equation was commissioned soon after the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Cold War. We mostly had this information already from the Lost Experience. But I've not heard the information that he released at Comics on Comics that "Valenzetti basically deduced that it [the end of the world] was 100 percent within the next 27 years". If the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred in and around the early 60s and Valenzetti developed his equation soon after, the world would have ended long before the Losties crashed on the Island. Does this mean that what Dharma was doing when they were on the Island conducting their research was actually working? According to Damon's timeline, the variables in that equation (ie. the numbers) were being changed because the world successfully makes it to 2007. This also helps to theorize why the Barracks that Sun, Frank, Ben and Locke visit upon their return to the Island in 2007 are different (ie. Dharma signage). It seems that Dharma's work has been changing the future of the world, helping it exist past those 27 years that Valenzetti had claimed the world had left of life.

So, Dharma is effective, the Others wiped them out and they've risked destroying the world. That puts the proposed "sides" in the upcoming war in an interesting light, I think...

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