When approaching a show like LOST, I find myself tumbling down the rabbit hole unless I step back and look at the big picture. When I do, so I see Jacobs weave with the eye of Horus at the top. This might seem like a stretch, but let us look at the show up to this point and see what I mean by this.

The very first shot of the show is Jacks eye. He is looking up and all of a sudden reality sets in around him, almost as though he himself was the creator (weaver) of said reality. As the show progresses, we see many eyes creating their own respective realities of their lives as well as the island. This is not to say that each character is making the island up or that Jack is the creator of Lost existence, I am simply pointing out the obvious eye theme to the show. From this we can gather that the eye of Horus on Jacobs weave is reflective of this and that the weave has relevance in a very intrinsic aspect of the show.

Consider that the lives of all of the characters have been interwoven since even before the crash. As Jacob weaves the tapestry he also weaves the lives of the 815 survivors together. Examples of this are too numerous to mention, just think of all of the character interconnections and you will see what I mean (Jack is Claire’s brother, Kate already knew the mother of Sawyers baby etc.) We can see that Jacob has given the machine “a little push” and thus intertwined the lives of the characters in order to bring them to their destiny and perhaps complete the weave.

Next we can see how time itself is manipulated into the pattern. The Losties themselves are subject to time travel but seemingly have always been part of the history they travel to. In a tread like loop all of the actions of the characters in the past bring about the necessary circumstances for the future. Take for example Kate and Sawyer turning Ben into an Other or Faraday convincing Miles’ father to evacuate everyone off of the island. It is as though they had already done this all along but were never preview to it until it had happened to them.

Now let’s look at the so called flash sideways. This season of Lost has given the audience another narrative to work with. In the flash sideways, presumably the effect of the bombs detonation, direct or indirect cause a rift in the space time continuum. Because we see Ben we can surmise that the island didn’t sink immediately but given the shows premiere it would seem that the bomb was at least important in bringing about the ocean swelling end of the island. So we now have the original island reality and a new reality with a submerged island. Given the history of the show weaving into itself like an MC Escher as I have heard it put, it is fairly safe to say that the two realities will weave together in a similar fashion. Already we can see that the characters in reality no island have some perception of their time on the island, if only subconscious. Given the elegance of the weave already displayed, I think it is safe to say that the creators of Lost have the same intention with this narrative. I have even heard rumors that the flash sideways end somewhere in the middle of the season.

Now here is the juicy part. It is my belief that the alternate reality is in fact an “imaginary reality.” Because the bomb explosion had two possible outcomes (not unlike Schrödinger’s Cat) both outcomes came to fruition. But as the weave (reality) is one cohesive existence, these realities are forced to course correct like Eloise Hawking once said. Towards the end of Season 5, Cesar holds an old map of Faraday’s that is in fact a map of time. This map shows that there are several incidents that split in merge real space time and imaginary space time. Eventually these coalesce, but the map indicates a circular nature so on might presume that this entire show is a loop, and thus a full weave. The point here is that Faraday knew that the bomb would cause the split and he knew that the realities would eventually merge again, putting everyone in their right place. I call the alternate reality the imaginary time because I give preference to what we have already seen as real space time. I have a feeling that real or imaginary is not of huge concern though because these realities will weave together and become one.

Now there is the big question which of coarse is, how is the show going to end. I cannot claim to know but given what I have been discussing, I think that one of two things will happen. The first option is that the battle between Jacob and the man in black (who is probably named Esau) ends in a stalemate and the show ends where it started. Everything starts over and we see Jacks Eye looking up into the jungle. The second option is that Jack becomes the new Jacob and the island moves past the weave and thus out of the loop. I say Jack as the new Jacob for a number of reasons. One, the show started with Jack and would elegantly end with him as well. Also, we recently found out that he is number 23 and surprise, the show ends on May 23rd. Also, Jack has always been the defunct leader of the survivors (live together die alone anyone?) Jack has always been the one who needed to take the biggest leap of Faith, and given that the show consistently presses the issue of faith, we know that Jack is in need of some Faith redemption. All in all, the show has always been Jacobs’s master weave and it will continue to be so until the very end. Some of my ideas are obviously pure speculation and we will see how they pan out in time, but in the end I won’t care how any of it ends because with this show the pieces are good even without the whole.

“You like it? I did it myself. It takes a very long time when you're making the thread, but, uh... I suppose that's the point, isn't it?” -Jacob

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