• Tywhitney

    Lost- Master Weave

    February 24, 2010 by Tywhitney

    When approaching a show like LOST, I find myself tumbling down the rabbit hole unless I step back and look at the big picture. When I do, so I see Jacobs weave with the eye of Horus at the top. This might seem like a stretch, but let us look at the show up to this point and see what I mean by this.

    The very first shot of the show is Jacks eye. He is looking up and all of a sudden reality sets in around him, almost as though he himself was the creator (weaver) of said reality. As the show progresses, we see many eyes creating their own respective realities of their lives as well as the island. This is not to say that each character is making the island up or that Jack is the creator of Lost existence, I am simply pointing out the obvious eye…

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