• Twanmccoy

    i dont know if anything like this has been posted before but i really dont care. here are my top ten scenes in no particular order

    ana lucias "i feel dead" speech in two for the road

    sawyer killing cooper

    when charlie is in the looking glass and says "i die" in response to what happens to you

    jack holding a broken plate to juliets throat saying "which way out"

    the way micheal delivers the line "hes my son" when explaining he was working with the others

    locke "you want your 30 dollars back! i want my kidney back!"

    bens speech to jacob

    charlie tossing his heroin in the fire in the moth

    christian saying to micheal "you can go now" right before the kahana explodes(this is my favorite scene of the series)

    charlie on the outrigger with desmond "it my grea…

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  • Twanmccoy

    episodes on imdb

    December 8, 2009 by Twanmccoy

    dont know if this has been talked about but has 6 or so episode titles for season 6 i wont get into them here since it would be considered a spoiler but if your interested check em out

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