Spoiler alert, obviously discusses the finale.

After the detonation of jughead, we start seeing the sideways world. Juliet remarks that "it worked" leading people to believe the time line was reset. After tonight we can clearly see it was not reset. If the FST was just purgatory until realizations were achieved, it was not created by the detonation of jughead and saying "it worked" is just wrong. Am I missing something or am I supposed to assume that Juliet couldn't comprehend what it was and thought it was a separate reality? The latter explanation does not satisfy me because it seemed once everyone achieved realization then they knew they were dead.

I am lukewarm following the ending. The finale gave a solid explanation of the FST but the characters I've known and invested time in spent 1 season in the FST. I invested 6 years in their adventures and efforts on the island and I felt that is the story that should have been the target for resolution at the beginning of the season, instead we were given a series finale that resolved a gimmick introduced.

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