When Locke falls down the well and needs to put the Season 4 finale wheel back on its track he runs into Christian Sheppard. Sheppard tells him he needs to die and Locke accepts this. Locke asks CS if he could help him up and CS says matter of factly, "No I can't." I think this relates to the discussion Jacob and MiB had saying "Do you know how badly I want to kill you" and the Season 5 finale statement "you found your loophole." MiB cannot directly kill Jacob, and he's been battling Jacob or facilitating the plan to kill Jacob by 'non-touching interactions,' while Jacob has been faciliting a counter-plan and had the encounters with the Ocean 6 where he placed his hands on them. MiB's manifestations cannot directly hurt or aid to the downfall of Jacob (see CS not helping Locke up, see Locke not stabbing Jacob) - so I think the manifestation of CS is actually part of the MiB's plot (since he told Locke to die and that gave a manifestation for the MiB) instead of the agent of Jacob that he has claimed

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