This is my first post on the blog so apologies if my views are not relevant or have already been covered, but has any one notice the recurring theme of fathers???

In the "the variable" there was the big reveal that Faraday's father is Charles Widmore. In the previous episode "some like it hoth" it was revealed that Pierre Chang was Miles father. In previous episodes big revels about fathers included us finding out that Claire's father was Christian Shepherd, Horace Goodspeed was father to Ethan - and was also there the day Ben was born.

Also we could flip this theory round and say that Alex found out that Ben was not her real father.

Another thing I have noticed is the fact that Losties father's keep appearing on the island even though they are dead. Christian Shepherd keeps appearing, as does Lock's father.

There has been emphasis put on motherhood and women who conceived on the island not being able to give birth, but I wonder if in fact the theme we should be looking at is fatherhood?? A few unanswered questions I have include is Richard or even Jacob a father? Will there be any more father reveals? Any ideas???

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