• TracyT

    This is my take on the ending of Lost.

    “What happened, happened”. That says it all. The Oceanic plane did crashed on the island. That happened, Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, etc. lived through the plane crash. Des was in the hatch pushing that button. There were “others” on the island that lived in the houses that once was home for the Dharma Initiative. Ben was their leader, before him, Charles Widmore. Jacob protected the island and the light from MiB. Some left the island and John Locke followed and was killed by Ben. While they were away, Sawyer, Juliet, and the gang time traveled to 1977. The ones that left, came back. Jack took over the island from Jacob. He killed MiB, who, in return, killed Jack. When Jack is laying on his back, with Vin…

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