• Tominkozhimala

    Season 6

    January 1, 2010 by Tominkozhimala

    Here is my theory.

    Like Faraday said, people are the "variables" in the equation that is time. In the case of out Losties, the events seem for fall in place according to the constants of the equation. Everything happens as it is supposed to right up until the point where Juliet chooses to hit the hydrogen bomb.

    Everything and everyone is a constant up until this moment. The final seconds of the season finale. For those who are going to argue that time changes from the instant the Losties time traveled, think about this example: Dr. Chang's arm. His arm is not lost until the final gunfight at the swan station.

    So, whatever happened, happened UNTIL Juliet detonates the bomb.

    At this point there are two timelines. One in which everything happens …

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