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December 22, 2009
  • Tomhastogoback1

    I've just been thinking, when Ilana asks Richard this, and he replies with something along the lines of 'He who will save us all', who are they talking about?

    I assumed it was Jacob, but now I'm thinking it might be Locke, as he is actually the one who ends up lying in the shadow of the statue?

    Another point on this is that, when Jacob went to see Ilana, he asked her to help him. After seeing Sayid being taken on to Ajira 316, I thought that Jacob wanted Ilana to make sure Sayid got back to the Island. But maybe he also asked her to make sure Locke's body was brought to the statue of Tawret?

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  • Tomhastogoback1

    I feel really stupid for posting this, as I feel as though it will definatley have been brought up and shot down at some point, but more than anything, I would like an explanation.

    In Season 3's 'Greatest Hits', Desmond tells Charlie that he's had another 'vision' of Claire and Aaron getting into a helicopter and leaving the island, but only if Charlie dies.

    Unless Aaron somehow makes it back to the island in Season 6, and him and Claire leave on a helicopter, that leaves me to wonder that either Desmond was wrong (which seems unlikely) or, in fact, Charlie didn't do what was needed for Claire to leave with Aaron (die).

    I'm not going out on a limb and saying I think Charlie is definatley alive, I'm just looking for this to be cleared up, as I…

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  • Tomhastogoback1

    After just watching 'Dead Is Dead', a few questions have popped into my head about Alex, Ben's daughter.

    Frist of all, did the Island want her dead? In this episode we see Widmore tell Ben that 'the Island wants her dead' and Ben replies with something along the lines of 'no Charles, YOU want her dead'. So which is it? I personally think that it's Widmore that wants her dead. I think Alex died simply because she was shot by Keamy, simple as. Along with this, I also think that, with Alex's death being what Widmore wanted, he therefore was not doing what was in the best interest of the Island, which I think is a pointer that Widmore will eventually come out as the 'bad guy', not Ben. Even though I don't think it will be as quite clear cut as …

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  • Tomhastogoback1

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I've been looking for a long time now and haven't gotten any luck.

    Does anyone know how to delete a Forum account?

    The thing is, I created an account for the Forum (tomhastogoback) and after confirming my e-mail adress, it would never let me reply to posts, start new threads or even let me view my own profile. Every time I tried to do so, all I would get was a message saying my account doesn't have 'permission to access this page'.

    So after a while, I created a new account (tom-sawyer) and tried again but had the same problem so I got in touch with one of the forum moderators on my new account. They told me that the problem was I had two accounts, but I have the same problem on both.

    Any suggestions…

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  • Tomhastogoback1

    Hello, this is my first blog so I hope all goes well. :)

    I've just finished watching 'He's Our You' and what I'm confused about is why Ben doesn't recognize Sayid in season 2? I'm pretty sure he'd remember the face of someone who shot him.

    I might be missing something massive here, and I apologize in advance if this has already been answered.

    Thanks, Tom.

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