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  • ToaBionicle

    This is an extension of my previous theory, which I reccomend you read. This theory cheifly concerns the nature of the Monster, Richard Alpert and of the Island as a whole.

    My assumption is that seeing as the Entity (MiB, et al.) is primarily a smoke/warmth based creature, then it is a form of life based on energy particles. Of course, intelligent thought is based on energy in the first place, so the manipulation of matter (the Carbon in the smoke, for example) could make it extremly intelligent and, because it can manipulate matter and energy, it can probably either shape some matter or light to form the shape of dead/missing persons.

    My previous theory saw that the virus supposedly latant on the Island is morphed and manipulated by a sourc…

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  • ToaBionicle

    I've been thinking for a while about the concept of "Life Energy" and how that might apply to The Temple, The Sickness and how the Island Heals.

    Lets suppose that latant an the island is a virus, a virus that not only reproduces itself but that also fixes human tissue. The main problem with the virus is that while it has a positive healing effect on most people (Locke , Rose) for some it has the debilitating mental effect (The French Team, Claire). To combat this, Dharma made a vaccine which weakened the virus and kept it in its healing state.

    The virus probably originated from another pocket of electromagnetic energy, which I believe can be found underneath The Temple. This energy manifests as the heat under the pool, from where I think the…

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  • ToaBionicle

    All the way through Lost, there have been un-explained visions. Some have simple resolutions (like Dave) but others are nearly impossible (like Locke's visions). From a Sci-Fi point of view, I think I can explain the latter.

    Ok. So Sawyer and Juliet have lengthened The Truce. If this continues, then with their knowledge the Losties can shut down the Tempest before the Purge even occurs. That means that DHARMA will continue working on the island, and most of the deaths of the Losties won't occur!

    My proposal is that these visions are images of the people in this newly created alternate time-line, their images pushed into ours so that the characters in our timeline will find their way back and stop the purge!

    Any thoughts?

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  • ToaBionicle

    So the suvivors of 316 have arrived on the island at the time of DHARMA. Based on their knowledge of DHARMA's history, do you think that they will disable the Tempest and stop the Purge?

    If this happens, will it echo through to the old Oceanic group?

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