K- i'm trying to wrap my head around this Jacob. Is he his own worst Enemy?

He is in charge of the island and finding a replacement, we know that! In order to find a replacement he has to bring people to the Island, the more "candadites" he bring the more he can weed out and find the real one "progression" as he mentioned to MiB. The more people that come the more opportunities MiB has to find a "loophole". While trying to find the right C and protect the island many peopel are called to leadership: Richard Eloise Widmore Ben the last one Ben is not favored by Jacob to the point that he is not even allowed to see him. Ben says that he has been taking orders from Jacob, through Richard, in the meantime Jacob keeping many things from richard. Ben does many things on the island in the name of Jacob, Killing Dharma, Kidnaping, killing visitors and banishing. Why is Jacob letting this happen? He had an opportunity to choose another leader and choose to just stick it out with Ben.

Ben ended up Killing him without a Fight?

Jacob is his own worst enemy!

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