No, I'm not talking about tonight's episode, which mostly blew. There was one scene which was so incredibly awesome that it actually made me cheer. This was of course the scene with Zoe, MIB, Widmore, and Ben. First off I was just glad to see Zoe be offed by MIB. I was growing tired of her fugliness. She was as annoying as Seamus or whatever his name was. It especially made me glad to see Ben revert to his old self and kill Widmore. That's just classic Ben, setting the whole thing up to get his way. That sounds mean, but to me it totally rocked.

Seriously, I find season 6 has grown stale. Early on I thought the island stuff was interesting and the FST was the boring part. I've completely chagned my view on that now. To me, the FST is much better than the OT. The OT has become filled with cheesiness and corniness. Jack drank the water and is now the protector. They have to kill MIB or else the world will end.. and so on. Really? It's just to hokey for me. My only hope for the finale is that Jacob was full of it MIB doesn't really need to be destroyed. I keep dreaming that he won't destroy the island. He'll just leave and everything will be fine. We get one final Jackface and tantrum when he realizes Jacob played them all. The end.

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