• Timeloop

    That was awesome!

    May 19, 2010 by Timeloop

    No, I'm not talking about tonight's episode, which mostly blew. There was one scene which was so incredibly awesome that it actually made me cheer. This was of course the scene with Zoe, MIB, Widmore, and Ben. First off I was just glad to see Zoe be offed by MIB. I was growing tired of her fugliness. She was as annoying as Seamus or whatever his name was. It especially made me glad to see Ben revert to his old self and kill Widmore. That's just classic Ben, setting the whole thing up to get his way. That sounds mean, but to me it totally rocked.

    Seriously, I find season 6 has grown stale. Early on I thought the island stuff was interesting and the FST was the boring part. I've completely chagned my view on that now. To me, the FST is much b…

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  • Timeloop

    Candidate list

    May 11, 2010 by Timeloop

    I've been thinking about the candidates list(s) and I have a few semi random ideas.

    Has everyone forget about the dicrepancy vs the cave list and the lighthouse list? While kate was crossed out in the cave, she was not crossed out in the lighthouse. Also, when Ilana was discussing the candidates she said there were 6 left. That included Jarrah, Ford, Kwon (I am assuming Kwon=1), Reyes, and Shepherd. That leaves one more. That would presumably be Locke. However, he was clearly dead at this point and Ilana was obviously aware of that. So that still leaves one more candidate: Austin. Somehow she was crossed off of MIB's (and Widmore's) list when she should not have been. I think this is important.

    So how many are still left? Jarrah and Kwon are…

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  • Timeloop

    How many more?

    April 1, 2010 by Timeloop

    Just wondering how many more FS episodes are remaining? Hurley is the only major character without his own centric in the FS. After him, I'm guessing we get a few more eps to finish it off, hopefully showing us how it all ties together with the OT. Maybe Desmond will have one too. Who else? So I'm guessing 3-4 episodes and that will be it.

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  • Timeloop

    Jacob killed Isabella

    March 28, 2010 by Timeloop

    Just throwing it out there.


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  • Timeloop

    Jacob, you douche!

    March 25, 2010 by Timeloop

    So Jacob claims that the island is preventing evil from spilling over, like a cork keeps the wine in a bottle. The implication is that MIB is evil and that Jacob wants to help keep him contained. However Jacob is also bringing people to the island in order to "prove his point." Doesn't Jacob realize that by doing so he creates the possibility that MIB will get one of these people (since he can't do it himself) to kill him, and then escape. If your goal was really to keep evil contained to the island, wouldn't you avoid doing anything that would allow you to fail? It might be possible that Jacob is figuring out a way to kill MIB, but he doesn't need to. As long as MIB is on the island, everyone else is safe. So there's no real point in brin…

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